How to Order Shisha in a Shisha Lounge for Beginners

Every shisha gives you a different experience, and it is unpredictable. Often, beginners need help with the initial phases as they need guidance about which shisha to choose, the setup, and which flavors to choose for a refreshing shisha experience. At the same time, you are curious to experiment with new shisha flavors and accessories available in the market. Unfortunately, in the lure of testing and a good experience, beginners often mix the wrong flavors and other shisha elements.

At Shisha Art, our exceptional shisha services ensure that all our customers enjoy a flavor-rich and relaxing experience at home, in lounges, or in any location they wish for. Our shisha experts have crafted a comprehensive guide for beginners to unwind while enjoying a refreshing shisha session.

Set Up the Basic Essentials for Your Shisha

Although you are eager to experiment with Shisha and its flavors, it's time to start with the basics. Select elements that allow you to enjoy the shisha in Dubai. There are several simple yet beautiful shishas at Shisha Art UAE.

You don't have to purchase your Shisha; instead, you can order shisha for rent at an affordable price. Most regular shisha enthusiasts prefer home delivery shisha at home for a peaceful and mind-blowing shisha experience.

However, when you visit a shisha lounge cafe in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you can initially approach a sommelier and inquire about the best shisha.  As the best Shisha company in Dubai, we recommend the best shisha catering service and choices to our customers.

According to our experts, opting for small-to-medium-sized shishas about 14 to 26 inches tall is wiser. It is recommended to avoid shishas that are shorter than 14 inches as they are less likely to hold sufficient water.

You must have a good base that holds ample water to benefit from it through improved filtration and cooling of the smoke. On the contrary, shishas with or above the height of 26 inches are the best, but they tend to cost more than the others.

Remember, height is not the only aspect to prioritize; instead, you must consider the performance of the shisha for a unique shisha experience.

Based on our experience, Mya and Khalil Mamoon are the most popular shisha brands available almost everywhere. So now, learning how to enjoy your shisha and have fun with it is essential.

Unveiling the Diversity of Shisha Hoses

You may come across a variety of hoses at your regular shisha lounge, but all of them can be classified into these three types:

Traditional Hoses

These hoses have been used for many years and are readily available at shisha places in Dubai and any shisha lounge in Dubai at your request.

The most striking feature of a traditional hose is that the metal mesh in the tubing helps to withstand the position and shape. This mesh is enveloped in different raw materials, from leather to cloth.

A handful of people who enjoy shisha for rent in Dubai UAE commonly face two issues with these hoses. The first one is restricted airflow, while the other is that they are not washable.

The fact is that these hoses have a tight inside diameter, which compels you to pull harder than usual to take a hit. This often restricts smooth airflow. In addition, water is bound to enter inside the hose; eventually, the mesh gets rusted and begins to set apart. Debris gets settled in this gap, making it difficult for you to inhale, and it's time to purchase a new hose.

Disposable Hoses

These hoses are made of plastic and are often for one-time use at the best lounges in Dubai with shisha. However, these disposable hoses are not durable as cracks develop in the plastic hose and air escapes.

Our experts prefer to use these hoses only for shisha outsourcing services, shisha for rent, or shisha home delivery if a customer specifically requests one.

Washable Hoses

This is the most popular, recommended, and widely used silicone hose at shisha places in Dubai. This hose is made up of medical-grade material, is comparatively more durable, and performs better.

These silicone hoses fit perfectly with base connectors and anodized aluminum hose handles. This makes it easier to wash your hose. You can quickly rinse it with water to get rid of the residues. Additionally, medical-grade silicone and anodized aluminum do not hold flavor, so your hose is fresh to use with a quick rinse.

Bowl For Your Shisha in UAE

When you connect with any shisha service in UAE or get premium shisha online, they will share a range of bowls for you. In addition, they may offer you a variety, from a phunnel hookah bowl to an Egyptian clay bowl for your shisha session.

Most beginners prefer a phunnel bowl for their initial sessions; our sommeliers can recommend an appropriate bowl for a smokey shisha session. Remember, the bowl and how you wrap the tobacco are two essentials of an enjoyable Shisha experience.

Select the Right Coals

Several shisha rentals and other shisha places in Dubai prefer coconut coals for regular smokers. They take 10 minutes to light but last longer than other options, providing a more refined taste.

As the best shisha company in Dubai, we provide all kinds of coals to our customers: the ones that are quick to light and last for a shorter tenure and those that take time but offer good taste. Our sommeliers have the fine skill to use the coal perfectly so that you enjoy the rich flavor.

Delve into a Spectrum of Shisha Flavors

Shisha Art is the best shisha company in Dubai, so we offer a wide range of shisha flavors in Dubai, from traditional fruity flavors to premium blends and add-ons to suit your taste.

The best fruity flavors on our menu include Blueberry, two apples, lemon with mint, vanilla, kiwi, mango, paan, and strawberry. We offer a cocktail mix of forest sunrise, strawberry jam, and orange cream. At the same time, our premium menu comprises tropical shakes, Belgian waffles, blueberry smash, and Love 66.

To enhance the flavors, you can include add-ons such as Minty Fresh, Basil Blast, Fierce Fruit, and Sour Power.

Light Your Coals Like a Pro

Budding shisha enthusiasts tend to repeat this common mistake of not lighting their coals before adding them to the bowl. Unfortunately, when you repeat this mistake, you experience a bad taste in tobacco.

However, when you visit one of our shisha lounges or get a hookah rental in the UAE, you are less likely to encounter such an instance. Our trained sommeliers ensure the coal is well-lit before entering the bowl. Besides, they know when the right time is to light the coal and put it in the bowl.

Set The Right Temperature

Shisha lovers use different types of heat management systems for great smoke. Our team can set the right temperature for your shisha so you do not have to compromise on the flavor.

When you order shisha for rent at Shisha Art, you will likely enjoy the visual of how our team can set the right temperature for your shisha. This site is not only visually appealing but also has a soothing taste. So you are bound to relish the aftertaste and have to put zero effort into drawing or blowing the air.

Choose Your Preferred Tobacco

Tobacco is majorly available in two types: dark-leaf and blonde-leaf. Blonde leaf tobacco is quite common, has lighter nicotine, and is quick to inhale. On the contrary, Shisha enthusiasts with an acquired taste prefer dark-leaf smoking as they can tolerate the powerful tobacco experience.

Initially, you can begin your shisha experience with blonde-leaf tobacco and gradually switch to dark-leaf tobacco. Each tobacco brand has a different taste. We do not compromise on tobacco quality and offer the best for shisha catering, shisha outsourcing, and Shisha delivery in Dubai.

This Shisha experience appears enticing to enjoy the feel and Shisha vibe in real life. Book a Shisha rental in Dubai to your doorstep or visit shisha lounges at your convenience!