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Shisha Art: The Best Outsourcing Partner In Dubai

Hookah Outsourcing for Bars, Lounges, and Restaurants - increase your profit and expand your customer base with $0 investments!

We promise to increase sales at your venue by setting the right KPIs and providing exclusive offerings created for your venue.

We evaluate your venue's operations and establish the pricing strategy that fits your venue.

We provide 360 degrees solutions for shisha operations, including the employment & equipment cost and online and offline marketing solutions.

We select the shisha equipment that fits the look & feel of your venue. We constantly monitor the shisha industry to bring the most up-to-date shisha devices and accessories from all around the globe

We offer the best branding solutions to support and highlight shisha offerings in the lounge including shisha stations, displays, sensorial menu and many more.

Comprehensive digital marketing strategy and influencer marketing to increase the traffic to your venue, including photo & video creation.


What's Included In Our Outsourcing Packages?


Shisha Devices And Accessories

We are able to source a contemporary and appealing assortment of high-end shisha equipment and accessories.

Highly-Skilled Staff

Our professional shisha masters can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. We ensure to provide the most up-to-date training for our staff to develop the art of mixology and sales skills.

Marketing Activitaion

We offer the best branding solutions to support and highlight shisha offerings in the lounge including shisha stations, displays, sensorial menu and many more.

Premium Tobacco

Al Fakher, Darkside, Must Have, Fumari, Daily Hookah, and more premium brands offer the best flavors. Our shisha sommeliers make delicious blends.

Professional Uniform

Our staff is well-dressed in professional attire suitable for your elite lounge, restaurant, or hotel. You can select a customized attire for the Shisha staff at your venue.

Promotional Shishas

We strongly believe that each venue is unique. Hence, create marketing activations and provide special shisha offers that fit your lounge.

Shisha With No Waiting Time

We can kick-start outsourcing at your venue within two hours. Any time, any day. Literally. All you have to do is reach out to us.

Social Media Marketing

We deliver a thorough social media marketing strategy for all our partners to attract our target audience, resulting in 11,000 Instagram and 6,000 Tik Tok followers.

Impeccable Ambiance

Our staff will ensure that customers enjoy an unforgettable Shisha experience at your location with a tailored and customer-friendly ambiance.

All our activities are insured for the third party liability and workman's compensation/employer's liability


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Shisha Menu For Your Venue

Once we sign the agreement, we will review and adjust all our operations, pricing strategy, style, and ways of working with you. We offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy the cravings of the pickiest customers. Our menus range from well-known classic brands and flavors like Al Fakher with its best in the world Double Apple and Gum to gourmet flavors from Russia such as Belgium Waffles, Pinkman, Love 66, and many others. Shisha Art stands for the art of shisha, and our shisha sommeliers implement the select the most refined flavors and create exclusive mixes to ensure the best outsourcing service.


Shisha Art: The Best Outsourcing Partner In Dubai

Why not take advantage of the fact that your customers enjoy the ambiance of your establishment and provide them with Premium Hookah Service as well?

Hookah outsourcing is a wonderful approach to acquire new customers and retain existing customers for an enriched Shisha smoke. Our staff has vast experience mixing shisha and a deep appreciation for the shisha art form. As a result, Shisha Art provides the finest shisha outsourcing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and other emirates.

What is Shisha Art's Innovative Approach? From planning menus to constructing complete concepts for the businesses, we pay special attention to even the tiniest aspects. Working with us is simple: we pay all operational costs, salaries, equipment, cigarettes, and uniforms, leaving you with pure profit. As shisha enthusiasts spend more time in your establishment, you will see a rise in foot traffic and become one of the best Shisha places in Dubai and other emirates.


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