– FAQs


1.     What is included?

You will receive the following items as part of your order:

§  Shisha device

§  2 cups of tobacco flavors

§  8 pieces of charcoal

§  1 pair of tongs

§  1 charcoal heater

§  1 disposable pipe


2.     How to set up and use your shisha

1.       Turn on the charcoal heater and place 3 pieces of charcoal in order to set up 1 shisha, and wait until the 3 pieces of charcoal become entirely red

2.       Once the charcoal becomes entirely red, use the tongs to put the pieces inside the metal kaloud for 3 minutes in order to avoid burning your fingers

3.       Add cold water and ice into the shisha body

4.       Connect the disposable plastic pipe to the shisha device

5.       Place the pre-made tobacco cup on the head of the shisha device

6.       Place the hot metal kaloud on top of the cup with tobacco and wait for 5 minutes

7.       Remove 1 piece of charcoal and place it into the charcoal heater

8.       Please ensure that you do not touch the metal kaloud in order to avoid burning your hands

9.       Once you have finished using the shisha, please store it in a safe place away from children and/or pets until Shisha Art comes to collect it.


3.     Important things to remember

1.       Do not leave the charcoal heaters or the shisha device unattended whilst in use.

2.       Make sure that the charcoal heater and shisha device are switched off once the shisha session has finished


4.     Warnings

1.       There are health risks and side effects associated with smoking and nicotine use. Therefore, shisha should not be used by someone who:

-       is under 18 years of age;

-       is allergic/ sensitive to nicotine;

-       should avoid using tobacco or nicotine for medical reasons;

-       has an unstable heart condition, severe hypertension or diabetes; or

-       is pregnant or breast-feeding.

2.       Under no circumstances should you use such products around children. Also, all equipment and shisha molasses products should be stored away from and out of reach of children.