UAE's Enriched Hookah Culture

Shisha is not a random fade in the UAE. On the contrary, it has been a part of the Arabic culture for centuries; however, Shisha UAE has gained fandom in recent years. Initially, older elders used to either order for Shisha home delivery or visit any Shisha lounge Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates.

Instead, people gather to enjoy a fantastic Shisha experience as leisure in the Middle Eastern countries.

It seems like you and your ancestors share similar love for Shisha!

There's a lot that you will be surprised to learn about Shisha UAE when it comes to Shisha's history in the Middle East terrain.

Therefore, let's take a stroll down Shisha lane and explore its origins so that you are aware of the Shisha culture that surrounds you.

Here's what to expect:

     How Did The Name Hookah Originate?

     The Birth Of Hookah

     How Does Hookah Function?

     What Is The Purpose Of Hookah?

How Did The Name Hookah Originate?

The hookah is acquired from haqqa, a jar or pot, and a hollow cavity. Ideally, a hookah comprises a hollow base that acts like its bottom and is filled with water to transform sufficient energy to burn the coal.

However, different regions and countries refer to hookah differently. For instance, people in the US and Australia call it a Shisha when they use a smoking device.

This is ideally incorrect because Shisha is just the glass base of the instrument. Nevertheless, Shisha got popular and is widely used across the USA and worldwide.

The Birth Of Hookah

During the 15th century, there were traces of hookah in the northwestern Indian provinces along the borders of Pakistan in, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Noblemen in the high society began to adopt this practice of smoking tobacco. A Shisha filled with a glass base and filled with water purifies smoke. These traditional and age-old Shisha designs had dual shafts in the heart to release smoke.

This unique Shisha culture was adopted rapidly and was considered a status symbol among nobles.

This Initial Shisha service was primitive, simple, and rough in design, with the base made out of a coconut shell and a head attached to the tube. These were primarily designed to smoke hashish and opium.

The Persian Shisha

The Shisha culture has traveled a long way from the Persian Kingdom, which represents parts of Afghanistan, and Pakistan, to Arab parts of Northern Africa and Middle Asia.

Tombeik became a part of the Shisha or hookah on its way from Persia to other parts of the world.

Now, what's Tombeik?

In simple words, during that era, Iran produced a dark tobacco species referred to as Tombeik. Tombeik is washed and packed in the huge traditional heads where the hot coal is applied to the wet Tombeik. This exceptional blend of hot coal and rinsed Tombeik gives out a strong flavor.

Often, such a setup with such heads and hookah style is called ghelune in Persian.

The Turkish Shisha Service

When Shisha stepped into the Turkish reign for the first time five hundred years ago, it started gaining fandom among the intellectuals and the upper class. This led to the transition of the look and feel of the hookah.

With time, Shisha advanced in complexity and size and transformed into the design and framework it has today.

Modern users preferred the eye-pleasing glass and brass Shisha design, and hence wood was sparingly used in the Shisha framework. In addition, intricate mosaics and paintings enhanced the beauty and elegance of the Shisha service.

This Shisha transition accelerated Shisha popularity in Turk society such that they had popular Shisha coffee shops almost two to three centuries ago. A Shisha sommelier or hookah bar waiter was no less than a chef because preparing Shisha is an art, just like cooking.

The packing and moisture was an art, and it was appreciated then and now. Besides, it was considered rude to touch the coals and meddle with them in the absence of the sommelier.  

Shisha Worldwide

From Turkey, gradually, Shisha smoking traveled south into the Arab world to Lebanon and Syria, and it was freshly coined as argile. Later, the hookah culture spread to Morocco and Egypt, where it was named Shisha.

Shisha is popularly synonymous with the hubble bubble in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Today, Shisha lounges, Shisha catering, Shisha outsourcing, and Shisha delivery are social gatherings where people come together to discuss local events and politics and relax.

How Does Hookah Function?

A section of your Shisha stem is submerged in the water at the base. A metal screen or an aluminum foil is kept on the top, and hot coals are placed on the foil sheet to set the right temperature. When you suck air through the hose, you transfer more heat to the tobacco, and the air moves quickly and at a rapid speed.

The hose pushes the air through the smoke submerged in water and carries it to the hose port opening, where the smoke rises above the water in the water base. Once the smoke travels, it flows through the hose until it reaches your mouth.

What Is The Purpose Of Hookah?

Shisha or hookah is passed through generations of Indian, Turkish, Persian, Egyptian, and other Middle East households. Shisha is an adult practice of smoking flavored tobacco. Today, several modern Shisha devices such as The Grace, Moze, Maklaud, the Roden, and Meduse are available for lounges, parties, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants, and other luxury events.

One of the main reasons to indulge in an unforgettable Shisha experience is to unwind and relax. Shisha helps you release all the stress and spend quality time with your friends, family, or simply yourself.

It is a rich source of entertainment, and Shisha can encourage you to spend quality time with your loved ones like your friends and family. Besides, the variety and combination of flavors can soothe your taste buds.

The Final Puff

Shisha or hookah has deep roots in the United Arab Emirates and is likely to evolve with time. However, this practice has been a part of the culture through Shisha catering, Shisha outsourcing, or Shisha delivery.

Prominently, as a form of socializing, getting to know people, spending some time with each other, or simply destressing. The reason can be anything but the experience is what matters the most.

At Shisha Art, we ensure that you savor the best flavors and use the best Shisha devices, accessories, and the perfect ambiance to enjoy a blissful evening, outing, or a session.

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