Outdoor Shisha Oasis: Shisha Art's Tips for Al Fresco Experiences

Enjoy a magical change of scenery for your shisha experience away from traditional settings, and take your session outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature or the urban landscape. At Shisha Art, you can find exceptional shisha catering and delivery services to suit your plan, whether planning a relaxed evening on your patio, an event on an outdoor patio, or a gathering with friends in a garden setting. Let’s explore the essential steps for the perfect outdoor oasis that will help you create an immaculate ambiance for an unforgettable shisha experience under the open sky.

Choose the Perfect Setting for Your Setup

Take the first step by choosing the right spot for your shisha session, depending on what you’re planning to do. Our shisha rentals will be perfect for you as you can also rent the futuristic OOKA portable shisha to take your shisha aspirations with you wherever you go. You can create the perfect setup in your balcony or backyard, gather your friends for a delightful shisha picnic in the park, or indulge in a beachside retreat.

You can also simply choose one of our shisha lounge partners with a spacious outdoor area to set the tone for your al fresco shisha experience. The perfect setup is an essential step that contributes to creating an unforgettable ambiance, especially if you need to bask in solitude, making it a seamless and therapeutic experience wherever you choose.

Consider the Weather and Elements

Check the weather before conducting your outdoor smoking plans to ensure uninterrupted pleasure. Plan your alfresco shisha adventure on days with low wind gusts and mild temperatures, and always have a backup plan by using outdoor umbrellas or canopies to shield against rain or harsh sunlight. Enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the captivating scenery of the clear sky and the perfect amount of sunlight to ensure you're not sweating in scorching heat after setting up your shisha.

Plan your day somewhere serene on chilly winter nights to avoid the wind blowing your sheesha charcoals or setting up before a rainy evening. Prioritize shisha enjoyment while being mindful of these elements to create an ideal outdoor oasis while ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

Set Up with a Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Whether you are searching for a unique spot at an outdoor shisha lounge or creating your own setup outside, consider comfortable arranged seating for ultimate relaxation. Lay a picnic blanket with some plush cushions to create a cozy picnic, or set an outdoor sofa with some bean bags in your backyard for an intimate get-together with your loved ones with an ambiance that sets the tone for every shisha puff.

Shisha Art offers exceptional catering and shisha rentals for every setting or occasion; whether you’re planning an outdoor birthday gathering or celebrating a significant event, our team of experts is ready to deliver your shisha and set it up for you to avoid any hassles. Come up with a variety of seating options you can arrange for a laid-back and inviting atmosphere or choose from cozy shisha lounges in Dubai with outdoor areas offering stunning views with different modern and classic settings for a perfect outdoor experience.

Opt for Ambient Lighting for Chill Evenings

Incorporate ambient lighting into your shisha setup to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for a chill evening. As the sun sets into the star-studded night sky, nothing is more appealing than the aromatic bliss of a delightful shisha session with a soft glow. Think about adding strings of lights, lanterns, or strategically placed scented candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your shisha oasis. These minor but essential additions contribute to the overall charm of your outdoor experience while enhancing the visual appeal of your shisha setup. Most shisha lounge cafes do the same and adorn their outdoor areas with warm lighted scones and garden lighting to elevate your unique shisha moments.

Curate a Delightful Mini Bar

Include refreshing soda drinks and freshly squeezed juices in your picnic baskets, or complement your setup with versatile drink options to match different tastes and preferences of shisha flavors. Enhance the overall enjoyment by including a selection of complimentary snacks like finger foods, dipping sauces, chips, and pretzels for everyone to dig in and pair the flavors with shisha clouds. You can also order from a selection of mezze platters, appetizers, or cold servings to complement your outdoor lounging experience and ensure everyone is having a blast.

Venture into the vast landscapes and surround yourself with the beauty of your chosen setting for an upgraded shisha experience that challenges the boundaries of traditional outdoor setups. Place an order at Shisha Art and consider the essential steps that guarantee an immersive shisha session in your outdoor oasis.