How To Select Your First Shisha Flavor?

Over the years, Shisha has evolved tremendously, and so have its flavors. The traditional flavors are still a part of the menu, but there are several other flavors that you can and must try to enjoy during a meditating Shisha session.

Now, the question arises how to select your first Shisha flavor?

You could be opting for Shisha catering, outsourcing, or Shisha delivery but choosing the right flavor is very important.

An amateur Shisha smoker and often a regular Shisha smoker, both are confused about which flavor to pick. As much as it may be confusing at the start, based on our skilled Al-Fakher sommeliers’ insights, we have created a basic guide that’ll assist you in choosing the best flavors.

You are bound to enjoy this Shisha experience and its aftertaste.

In this article, we have discussed the following:

     Three Steps For Your First Unforgettable Shisha Experience

     Our Top-Notch Shisha Flavor Collection

     Hire Our Expert Opinion And Services

Three Steps For Your First Unforgettable Shisha Experience

There are different ways to make your first Shisha experience memorable. Some enjoy the right company and ambiance, while others may cherish tasty flavors and skilled Shisha sommeliers.

We have created a short guide for you that’ll give you both!

Give it a quick read.

Step#1 Online Research

This is the first step to making your night or day Shisha session interesting. You can get an idea about the different Shisha flavors available in the market. Simply look for the best Shisha company in Dubai or anywhere in UAE and check their website.

You can search for premium Shisha online or Shisha in Dubai, UAE, to get familiar with different flavors. Most brands showcase different flavors on their website for Shisha on rent, Shisha catering, Shisha outsourcing, and Shisha home delivery.

Simultaneously, you can check out Shisha lounge Dubai and glance at the different flavors that they provide you. This will acquaint you with a large variety of popular flavors to narrow down your options.

The simplest way is to search for Shisha near me and find the best Shisha service.

Step#2 Walk Into A Well-Known Shisha Lounge Dubai

Once you have carried out thorough online research on Shisha in Dubai, UAE, then your next move is to visit a Shisha service provider and check the best Shisha places in Dubai. This visit to Shisha UAE will provide you with a better idea of different flavors.

You will learn the common flavors that beginners prefer at Shisha catering or Shisha lounge Dubai. Visit Shisha places in Dubai and ask sommeliers about the best flavors that customers ask for.

You can inquire if there are any new trending flavors that customers are hooked on and all-time favorite flavors that are in demand. This way, you will have a better perception of the flavors that are suitable when you visit a Shisha UAE.

Step#3 Try A Popular Flavor At Shisha UAE

A majority of beginners prefer a single fruity flavor for their first Shisha in Dubai, UAE. Apple and mint happen to be the most well-known Shisha flavors in the UAE. When in doubt, these two seem to be reliable preferences.

There are other flavors such as mango, blueberry, grape, peach, kiwi, and others available for Shisha on rent and home delivery Shisha.

The best approach is Shisha hire in Dubai as they can assist you in choosing the right flavor, set up the kit, provide accessories and facilitate the best Shisha experience for you.

As the best Shisha company in Dubai, we commit to offering such an incredible experience; here’s more to it.

Our Top-Notch Shisha Flavor Collection

We offer Shisha In Dubai UAE services with an exhaustive list of traditional menu inclusive of:













      Lemon With Mint

      Grape With Mint

      Two Apples

However, we know once you have tried all these, you will be keen to experiment and combine flavors together.

We offer 100+ exceptional mixes, but these are a few popular cocktail mixes of our Shisha catering services:

    Orange Cream

    Strawberry Jam

    Summer Time

    Forest Sunrise

Our premium Shisha online customers have access to 60+ unique mixes in the premium menu:

     Blueberry Smash

     Belgium Waffles

     Tropical Shake

     Love 66

Adding these to your Shisha will enhance your Shisha experience, enjoy bigger clouds, and savor a flavor-rich aftertaste.

Apart from these, we offer a wide range of flavors that our sommeliers can run you through based on your choices.

Hire Our Expert Opinion And Services

Most Shisha lovers either opt for our Shisha catering or order an online Shisha delivery to enjoy a relaxing Shisha experience. Several others prefer our Shisha lounge Dubai services as they get to enjoy a comfortable ambiance of their choice.

Our Al-Fakher-trained sommeliers possess the required skills to set up your hookah, mix the right flavors to match your Shisha tastes, and enjoy an amazing hookah session.

They are well-acquainted with seven different languages, which makes it easier for you to communicate with them. You can hire these sommeliers for home delivery Shisha for a flawless first Shisha experience.          

You can share your taste preferences with them, and their creativity in flavor mixology is likely to surprise you!

In case you wish for a new flavor amid your event or wish to change the location, our team will cooperate and promise a hassle-free transition to the new location or flavor. You can enjoy the authentic yet contemporary Shisha culture at the most affordable prices.

Take Away

We hope our knowledge can guide you with a better first Shisha experience. Feel like learning more about your Shisha culture or how we can enhance your Shisha experience?

Reach out to our Shisha sommeliers, and they’ll give you the best Shisha in Dubai, UAE, or anywhere.