Add a Secret Ingredient To Make Your Party More Fun!

Hosting a party with unique themes is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences you could offer your guests! And we can’t think of a better suggestion for an exciting party theme that caters to all except for shisha.

With Shisha Art, you can hire premium shisha service online and book home shisha delivery.

With the ease of shisha home delivery and catering, you get the perks of offering unforgettable events all while enjoying convenience and comfort by professionals. Here are some perks of what Shisha Art’s premium shisha home delivery provides.

Offer Unique Shisha Themes

Every unique party has a theme, and shisha parties should be no exception. With its cultural history and regal heritage, a simple shisha party with a UAE café atmosphere sounds like a great idea.

Having an unconventional theme and exhibiting light dishes from the UAE region, such as pita, hummus, tabbouleh, pistachios, dolmades, and dates, are excellent methods to create an inviting atmosphere.

Combine these with beverages such as Moroccan mint tea, Turkish coffee, Jallab, and tabletop games such as cards or backgammon to create a truly immersive environment. You can connect with the best shisha places in Dubai and hire sommeliers for shisha delivery.

Another wonderful shisha event concept is an oriental tea or flavored tea party. Often, excellent, luxury, and artisanal tea blends can be paired with tastes such as our Spiced Chai or Citrus Tea to create a sublime taste that is uniquely its own.

When smoking in general, it is usually a good idea to stay hydrated, and a tea party with an endless variety of teas is the ideal atmosphere.

Aside from these shisha themes, consider a shisha potluck or shisha catering for your friends who regularly smoke shisha. This may include foods that your friends bring with their own special shisha flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Since shisha is usually served after dinner for better social interaction, we always recommend this theme. Nonetheless, if you are catering to a more artistic group of friends, shisha over an arts & crafts night or a painting session can make your shisha party a night to remember and a recurring event.

When you approach a shisha catering firm for shisha home delivery, ask them to deliver shisha accessories, including hoses and bases, that can be painted to match these themes.

Select Attractive Shisha Flavors

Understanding the role that shisha will play in the event is essential, whether you’re hosting an event with shisha, or shisha is the focal point. If there is an occasion where shisha will be an added bonus and the guests may not be avid smokers, introducing the crowd to this cultural activity through the use of familiar tastes will be a terrific approach to do so.

Some of the top flavors guaranteed to wow your crowd are fruity and minty flavors, including lemon with mint, Summer Time, Forest Sunrise, Blueberry Smash, Grape with mint, Mint, and Strawberry Jam.

Alternatively, if shisha is the primary attraction, mixing flavors to create a unique blend and offering a comprehensive menu will give you an edge in creating an outstanding evening. Our trained and sophisticatedly-dressed sommeliers can recommend the best flavors empowered by Al Fakher shisha flavor mixes and based on your taste.

Using actual fruit heads rather than clay bowls can lend an additional sense of refinement to your evening! Consider utilizing grapefruits, watermelons, and even pineapples to enrich your guests' flavor profiles.

With our premium menu, we've already done the work for you if you're stuck with mixing ideas. In either case, consider the flavors of shisha as something your friends will take away from the evening, just as you would with a particular drink or meal.

Leverage Online Shisha Services & Delivery

Shisha online in Dubai is one of the most effective ways to provide safe and original shisha flavors with a constant emphasis on convenience, unlike traditional shops that are confined within their physical location. Shisha enthusiasts no longer have to scour the market for a physical business that sells a selection of flavors and accessories.

Using a smartphone, it is possible to search for and purchase an exclusive selection of shisha flavors of your choice at any time. You are no longer subject to store hours, as you may order online 24/7, whenever it is convenient.

With convenience comes a wide variety of products in various sizes and packaging that preserves their flavor and freshness. In lieu of collecting inventory from many physical locations, you can rely on a single online shisha delivery company to carry a vast selection of shisha flavors.

Another benefit is the ability to compare costs online. You cannot simply call actual stores to receive the lowest pricing; instead, use coupons and codes to enjoy unexpected discounts.

The internet has made this process of online shisha delivery very much simpler than ever before. In terms of the legitimacy and quality of products, internet platforms are more transparent. You may also read customer ratings and reviews in order to make the best choice.

The biggest perk of online shisha delivery service in Dubai is that you can concentrate on other party preparations and leave the ambiance, flavor, and shisha set-up arrangements to sommeliers and the company.

Bring the Shisha Party Music On

No party would be complete without music, and there are numerous ways for shisha party song selections. According to a number of cultural enthusiasts, the finest music for shisha smokers is the talk as they engage in social interaction.

This is an unsaid norm: your guests are there to interact with one another while smoking, so the music you choose should be more than just background ambiance or a conversation starter. It should never be turned up to ear-splitting levels, as in a nightclub, and it shouldn't be anything that you know some of your visitors won't love.

As a general guideline, you should avoid anything devoid of any kind of soul; therefore, no pop music. Many will encourage you to connect with the hookah's origins by playing Arabic music.

Psychedelic or rock music is always well-received, and a bit of instrumental jazz might serve as a pleasant background accompaniment. Maybe you like some laid-back hip-hop or some seductive neo-soul. This is a nice example of the kind of laid-back hip-hop music you may enjoy.

Wrapping Up Your Shisha Party

You can smoke shisha at any time, but it is most popular in the evening. Inviting guests to your home and enjoying yourself are fully dependent on your tastes.

These thoughts and ideas are intended to inspire you to throw the best shisha party. We feel your party will be wonderful if you are imaginative and planned, and we'll help you in this process. Give your guests something they'll never forget.

Contact us at Shisha Art to help you set up a party that everyone will enjoy. We hope you have a fantastic shisha party.